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Vortech Spinners (Ultimate style)

Are you tired of having to pay through the nose for a top quality aluminum spinners? We are too and we have done something about it. Vortech spinners are manufactured by Dave Brown Products - right in our own factory.

  • Vortech spinners are spun from Aluminum sheet - not molded/cast from brittle material, or machined out of expensive bar stock!
  • Precision CNC machined to exacting tolerances.
  • Designed to be strong, yet light weight.
  • Spinner cone locks into backplate to stop spinner cone expansion.
  • Backplate is knurled for positive grip between engine’s drive washer and your propeller.
  • All Vortech Spinners start life the same way - as a flat piece of aluminum sheet which has a CNC machined tip pressed into the center.
  • This disk is then, spin-formed to shape and turned to high precision.
  • After the cone is machined, it is polished to a beautiful reflective finish.
  • Vortech spinners have cutouts with clearance for popular sizes of props.

Ultimate shape has a longer profile than our other spinners - perfect for Ultimates & many other planes.

Using a unique CNC manufacturing process insures that every Vortech spinner is precision spun, machined, light-weight, and polished to a brilliant shine.


Available separately are matching Vortech prop adapter nuts. These steel prop adapter nuts include prop washers and are also CNC machined to offer the best possible quality. They are available in different crankshaft threads to fit many engines on the market.
99% of the time spinners will require an adapter nut. To the left, please select "I understand" so you can continue placing you order.

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1 3/4" Vortech Spinner
(ultimate, 2 blade)$26.95
2" Vortech Spinner
(ultimate, 2 blade)$27.95
2 1/4" Vortech Spinner
(ultimate, 2 blade)$29.95
2 1/2" Vortech Spinner
(ultimate, 2 blade)$32.95
2 3/4" Vortech Spinner
(ultimate, 2 blade)$35.95
3" Vortech Spinner
(ultimate, 2 blade)$39.95
3 1/4" Vortech Spinner
(ultimate, 2 blade)$46.95
3 1/2" Vortech Spinner
(ultimate, 2 blade)$49.95
4" Vortech Spinner
(ultimate, 2 blade)$59.95
4 1/4" Vortech Spinner
(ultimate, 2 blade)$64.95
4 1/2" Vortech Spinner
(ultimate, 2 blade)$69.95
5" Vortech Spinner
(ultimate, 2 blade)$79.95
5 1/2" Vortech Spinner
(ultimate, 2 blade)$89.95
6" Vortech Spinner
(ultimate, 2 blade)$99.95

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