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All Dave Brown Products are Made in USA

Need a hard to find spinner? Custom Cuts?
Click below to find out all the details on our Spun Aluminum Vortech Spinners.

StandardParabolic (P-51)UltimateFAIBig Cut
Vortech Adapter Nuts


Looking for our wheels, motor mounts, and other products?

All of our product lines, other than the Vortech Spinners and Vortech Adapter Nuts have been aquired by Ohio SuperStar Products as of 5/23/2014. We would expect that they would begin selling those within the next couple of weeks.

To contact Ohio SuperStar, please visit their website:

4560 Layhigh Road - Hamilton, Ohio - 45013
Phone: (513) 738-1576 - FAX: (513) 738-0152
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