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The Radio Control Flight Simulator

The best simulator on the market just got better! The RCFS2001, raises simulation realism to a new level. Never before has a r/c simulator allowed you to so closely duplicate real-life.


Our SimStar controls features an ergonomic, easy-to-hold case design, competition quality stick gimbals, adjustable stick tension and switches for dual rates & retracts.

It just doesn’t get any better, than this.

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Sport Helicopter

Since shortly after we introduced the first radio control flight simulation software back in the 1980’s, you always had to choose a simulator with realistic flying characterics OR realistic graphics. That is, until now. We’ve taken our renowned flying characteristics and combined them with some of the best graphics in the business. RCFS2001 gives you the best of both worlds!

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Fun Fly

Extra 300

Fly any of a wide cross section of today’s more popular models. Customize any model’s control sensitivities, stability, airfoil, propeller, weight, and many other parameters – including graphic size! All models feature real engine sounds recorded from actual R/C engines.

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Jet Ranger


Helicopter pilots can fly models which feature auto-rotation, adjustable pitch curves, adjustable throttle curves, gear ratios, and more!
Choose from four actual flying fields; all photo-realistic – including the AMA site at Muncie, Indiana. This immersive, three-dimensional world allows you to walk around and fly standing exactly where you want to.
You can set the wind conditions, and even add fog or additional clouds to more closely match what you might encounter at the field.

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F/A-18 Hornet

With a keystroke, bring up the Altitude Reference Dome which shows just where the model is relative to your position.
Our improved zoom feature allows you to easily see your model no matter where you are flying.
Of course, we’ve kept many of the features that have made us the leader in r/c simulation. Our real-time satellite view and on-screen readouts give you exact model position.
The limbo pole and pylon course are also included - with collision detection we pioneered in 1987.

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F/A 18 Hornet Helicopter
Piper Cub

RCFS2001 Computer Requirements

Minimum – Pentium 266 MMX (or equivalent) • Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP or ME operating system • 16 MB RAM • 50 MB free hard disk space • 4MB 3D graphics accelerator (w/Direct-X support) • Gameport • 4X CD-ROM Drive

Recommended – Pentium 400 or higher (or equivalent) • Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP or ME operating system • 64 MB RAM • 50 MB free hard disk space • 16 MB graphics accelerator (w/Direct-X and 32-bit texture support) • Sound Card • Gameport • 4X CD-ROM Drive

RCFS2001 will NOT run on Windows NT

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If you have an older computer system which does not meet the RCFS2001 specifications, check out our RCFS v5 software.

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RCFS2001 R/C Flight Simulator (w/Simstar TX)$149.95
RCFS2001 R/C Flight Simulator Program only CD-ROM$79.95
RCFS2001 R/C Flight Simulator Update CD-ROM$49.95
Simstar TX (Controller Only)$79.95

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